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Yaw Barimah

Making Dapper casual

Eva Maria: Yaw Barimah , How would you describe yourself?

Yaw Barimah  :Well, it’s hard to say am a curious person let’s just put it as that.

Eva Maria: You are the brain behind Yaw Barimah Clothing?

Yaw Barimah : Yes you could say I’m the brain behind Yaw Barimah Clothing and the hands. More accurately Yaw Barimah is my child, I’m just watching over it to grow.

Eva Maria: Tell me about the love story behind you and Yaw Barimah Clothing?

Yaw Barimah: Lol I wouldn’t call it a love story, like I said it’s my child, YBC didn’t start out as YBC. YBC had a big brother



Paa Yaw

before, which was CROSS that is Zedi & Cross. But I had to leave Zedi because of school and when I got back, things weren’t the same. We went our separate ways as designers. Then I came up with yaw Barimah clothing but it took a while.

Eva Maria:  The slogan for YBC is “Wear your identity”, why?

Yaw Barimah: Well it is “Wear Your Identity” because, in order to truly be comfortable in your own skin, you need to know who you are; you need to understand your identity and one of the ways to know your identity is to know where you coming from and understanding that is half understanding life.

In relation  to Yaw Barimah Clothing  I realized that, as much as I wanted it to be a clothing line I also wanted it to be something Ghanaians can identify with. Take it as a launch pad to appreciate the diversity of the Ghanaian culture when it comes to fashion. Having something that is unique to us, taking western designs married with the African fabrics.



Paa Yaw

Eva Maria: Embracing your African culture.

Yaw Barimah: Yes right now I am concentrating on using Ghanaian fabrics but I do have plans on diversifying by using indigenous fabrics from other African countries.

Eva Maria: Making dapper casual…

Yaw Barimah: Well, it is no hidden secret that dressing eloquently is either for important occasions or for those can only afford new and shiny clothes, but a true mark of a gentleman is good manners and dressing well is good manners. So in my quest to making dapper casual I try to make accessories that are fun and memorable. So you can have a simple shirt and trousers and have one of the Yaw Barimah bow ties on, and it would look stunning you know, and  its affordable.



Paa Yaw

Am not going to say its cheep but to me I make sure that I make them to the highest quality that I can. And I am proud of the work I do,because I actually love it.  It translates to people’s reaction to them, to when somebody is wearing a YBC bow tie or when I  wear it myself. It’s quite easy to dress eloquently when you wear a bow tie, it adds a touch of flamboyance to the whole outfit. It’s kinda in itself gives you a confidence boost.Rocking a Kente bow tie and not being afraid of wearing a bow tie.

Eva Maria: But why are they afraid of wearing a Kente bow tie like you say?

Yaw Barimah:Because bow ties are seen as novelty items especially here in Ghana and to top up off.. making it with Kente, some people will shy away from it  while, others think of it as  something to be worn on special occasions. That why they are afraid.

Eva Maria:  Let’s move on to the lighter side of life, let’s talk about girls. I am sure you have heard about new campaign “Discover Yourself”. Since you are a dapper man I am sure you have a dapper lady. What are your top qualities your dapper lady should have?



Paa Yaw

  • Good manners and that entail good dressing
  • Know the art of simplicity, sometimes simple things are beautiful. The is complexity in simplicity, something can be very peaceful but underneath it very complex.
  • Be humble, someone who is humble but strong am not saying timid, no not timid humble! But a strong character. Because I believe that somebody who know how to be humble is a person who is actually confident and has confidence in his or her strength.
  • Someone who can be selfless.

Eva Maria: Are you a ladies’ man?

Yaw Barimah: I don’t think that I am a ladies’ man, I just treat everyone the way I want to be treated, that me

Eva Maria:  I would like you to give something inspirational staring with the phrase I am.

I am strong because I am strong because I know my weakness, I am humble because I know how far my ego can take me and I am kind because I have experienced one way or another cruelty .everything that I have experience in my life is what has made me who I am. So I am a bunch of lessons also I think I am also what God wants me to be. And I keep growing into what He fully wishes me to become. I am more of a doing a progressive state of being a not a definitive state of being.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, as I did when writing it. I have had the honour to work with Yaw Barimah on several occasions, he is more than just a fashion designer. His eye for quality and his passion for his craft is what I like about his brand. Trust me I would know, Yaw Barimah is also the brain behind some of  the pictures we put up on Urban Dollz, Thank you Yaw Barimah.

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