Why is my hair so dry: The science behind it

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This is a strong statement which says to me “Hey, God has given me the will  to possess long hair.”

It’s available to everyone too. But am I ready to receive what God has freely given? Quite frankly, it takes time, patience,love and understanding to take care of your hair. It is part of discovering and loving yourself! You will need to unlearn old habits that stunt hair growth,learn and relearn habits that will promote hair growth to give you the hair you desire.

I began to appreciate my hair for what it is,thick, dark and beautiful,when I started discovering who I am. A 21st century Ghanaian woman whose roots and ancestral traditions sinks deep,into the sands of time beyond the age of the Ancient  Kingdoms & Civilizations. And a spiritual being who is bounded by her imaginations and thoughts, but the understanding that my hair was created in perfection to protect my brain from over heating, makes me value my kinky hair even  more so.

I have come to terms with this deeper knowledge I discovered along the way, but most of all I am willing to make a conscious effort to create the changes I need to realise  this fulfillment of God will over my life. Because I desire to have long hair.

Having  long hair is a beautiful thing! 🙂

In this context, moisture refers to the presence of water present in your hair; and moisturizing simply means putting back moisture in to your hair.It should be noted that normal hair contains around 10-15% moisture at 70% relative humidity.

There are two basic reasons why  hair gets dry.



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  1. As we age, the body’s rate of oil production naturally slows down, leading to dryer skin and, of course, dry hair. This presents us with some of the reasons why one could have a dry scalp; because the body is not producing enough natural oil to moisturize your hair, which can be due to hereditary or something that happens over time.
    Sebaceous glands exists in the hair follicle and serve to secrete oil into the space between the shaft and the surrounding tissues. This oil lubricates the area and traps moisture, a function that benefits both the hair and the skin. Why Mammal Body Hair Is an Evolutionary Enigma Jerry Bergman, Ph.D. CRSQ Vol 40 No 3 pp 216-2303 March 2004


  2. Another possible reason why your hair gets dry is   that the condition or structure of your hair is causing the moisture to escape. hmmmm…

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To understand this let’s do a little science here.

Animal hair is constructed out of proteins “composed of thousands of amino acids linked together in a highly organized arrangement and sequence” (Saferstein, 2002, p. 205).

A strand of hair is made up three main segments, The Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle.



The Medulla or pith,is the supporting structure of the hair strand, which is found at the center or the core of the hair. It contains soft keratin and shrunken cells of dried epithelial structures. Surrounding the Medulla is the Cortex a semi-transparent, thick layer that contains “hard type keratin” filled cells (Seeley et al., 2003). Which forms the middle layer of the hair giving the hair its shape, resilience, elasticity and curl. The cortex contains scattered pigment cells that produce melanin, giving hair its color.

Surrounding and protecting the Cortex is the Cuticle,consisting of a single layer of colorless keratinized cells that covers the hair somewhat like skin.  Now, think of the cuticle structure as overlapping scales on your tilapia.  When these scales are compact, the hair appears glossy and shiny. Moisture cannot easily escape but, when the “scales” become loose, hair can appear dull and frizzy; it’s easier for natural oil and moisture to escape from the inner structure, which leads to weakened and dry hair.

It is not to say that these reasons succinctly justify the dryness of one’s hair. Several other factors are involved, like:  Climatic conditions, the immediate environment or certain habits you may have built over time could all be factors that lead to dryness of hair.  This means that your body’s natural system of producing oil is working perfectly but you still could have dry hair. So what then?


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