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For some time I had been lost, cos my dad had just relocated to heaven. You know, losing someone you really love drains the life out of you; it’s an emotion that you have no control over. Sometimes you just can’t do anything about it, you just feel sad.

And If any one reading this and has lost a loved one. I want you to know that God got you sorted. Just talk to him and he would gladly listen you.”


You can’t prevent it. It’s LIFE!  Over time I realized that my dad was at home with his Father and Creator in Heaven so he was is sorted. I don’t know how but you get over it. You just have to, get over it, somehow some way you just do, you know? At least I know I have.

From few bad dates we met at the office. He seemed exciting but I knew I wasn’t in for any drama. You know that kind of guy that comes fresh out of the box…. Fit….. well-built …. Pink lips,and ohhh…. that look  he gives….. You just know that he was going fuck you right if you let him down the garden of eden.

Ain’t no doubts about that. A few dates past and it seemed like there was no place in the world I would rather be but in his arms. Oh he did inspire me to dream big, something I had forgotten to do.

He felt secure, he felt safe .Maybe because he was older or maybe cos he treated me well, but he made me understand that if a man does not treat you with respect and love then its not worth your time. You get?

You get what I mean?

He totally changed my perspective on life of whom I was and who I wanted to be. The kind of lifestyle I wanted to live. He questioned my existence, which got me thinking and got me doing things I couldn’t ever have imagined myself doing.

You know, he got me dreaming, and he got me dreaming BIG. He lived that life, he knew how it was living in the fast lane and he knew what it took to achieve that lifestyle and I wanted it, I wanted that life for myself even though then I didn’t understand what it took to live that dream. I knew I wanted to be in the fast lane too and be finically independent for good.

On one of our dates he gave me the best advice anyone had ever given me. Mmm….  I would call it more of a lecture. “There are two things in this world Asset and Liabilities, assets put money in your pocket and liabilities cost you money.”  Bam! I understood that principle there and then. But really, that wasn’t that turning point for me.

I turned 21. My mum cooked we had a lovely dinner and sitting down for dessert, that’s when he showed it me. My birthday present laid flat in his hand, a beautiful card.


Original Coin

Inside the card she lay, the lady on the silver coin, beautiful statue of liberty, a one dollar coin, my silver coin. Then he said to me. Let this be your first asset. Remember assets and liabilities.

Oh well, the rest of our love story went to ashes but what he left me was, THIS silver coin and a mindset that changed my life forever; launching me into a new path, a path of financial freedom. The truth is, I didn’t know what I was  doing, I didn’t  know how I was going to achieve it, I didn’t know what I was going to do to make things happen. But I knew God had a plan for me, he loves me abundantly: So I just took the leap of faith, I put what I wanted out into the universe and God has helped me ever since to make it a reality.

I hope it inspired you in a way. Please feel free to share your thoughts and story about your own Silver Coin. To inspire and motivate many others who are going through tough times. You are not alone.

Would leave you with my favorite quote by Alan Turing


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