The Evolution of What it means to be a Father

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A father is every son’s first hero and every daughter’s first love. That in itself is proof that your father is an awesome person and he deserves a medal. Fathers are the reasons why we exist & they influence our lives in so many ways. They protect us, teach us, guide us & help us grow into the people that we are today. Every one has a dad but not every one is a father.

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This brings me to the question; what does it mean to be a father in this generation and how father hood has evolved over time. In search of the answers to my questions, I asked a few dads and this is what they had to say.

What does it mean to be a dad?

Being a dad requires you to be a responsible person. It’s not about just being part of the birth process but what happens after that. You have to ensure that education and the needs of both children and wife are attended to. – Désiré Siehou

The evolution of what it means to be a father .

During the earlier days, fathers didn’t do much for the children. The mother took care of kids. These days fathers spend more time with the children. They split time with the mothers in taking care of the children. Some fathers these days stay home to take of their kids. They cook for them, wash their clothes, bath them etc.- Theo Graham 

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In our day and age being a dad does not only entail feeding, clothing and sheltering your child. Not only paying for school fees but father’s have included motherly roles as well as mother have also taken on our roles. Did you know that Father’s currently are more of friends with their wards compared to ten twenty years ago. –Richard Addison

Being a dad has taught me responsibility, unconditional love & to truly care for someone else other than myself. – John Bido

How does it feel to be a dad? 

It’s so nice when ever I see kids calling guys at my age or above Dad or Daddy. Especially when your child sees you and runs to hug you. The feeling as a father is so nice to me…

Hmmmmmm.. I was scared the first time my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, all thou I had always wished to be a father… At the point it was a no no for me because I was in my second year in school.  I love kids so me having my own child is the best thing that had ever happened to me. I feel like a responsible man any time I pay her school fees, buy her clothes, spend time with her and lots more.

Being a father felt natural to me though it’s not in the right way because I am still a young unmarried guy. It was just this girlfriend sex relationship thing and it happened Bam! But trust me I am very responsible, all my responsibilities now is on my lovely daughter and my mother. I grew up not knowing who my father is so I don’t want the same thing to happen to my child.

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I put a lot of time into my daughter. I play with her and teach her stuff. I know I am a busy person due to my film making career. I travel a lot so any free little time I get, I spend it with her.

The moment you become a father, your life changes but it’s so amazing to be a father.-Emeka Okpara

Waking up and seeing your kids happy is a feeling you can’t describe.
Being it your own or even kids on tv gives you a sense of purpose and the drive to make their life’s better. – Richard Addison 

It’s an honour and privilege. It’s a responsibility God gives one to bring up children in the way of the Lord and to provide for them. – Dela

It feels good being a father. It makes me very proud and happy.– Theo Graham 

A billion ways your dad made your life better.

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My father gave me someone to look up to. He  provided opportunities for me to better myself; shelter, food, schooling, and an ass whooping if I got out of line.😂 He taught me lessons about life and how to deal with complex issues. – John Bido 

My Dad, I can’t give you three ways but more than a million. He is who made me the man I am today and wherever he is in the after life, I would like to wish him a happy Father’s day and tell him I am still on my way to greatness. # Hello father on the other side.  # thank you all father’s who  passed away. RIP we love  you – Richard Addison 

I’ve not lived with my Dad.  My parents were separated. It didn’t really affect me because I had all the love and affection from my Mum and my senior brother. – Désiré siehou

Discipline, Education & Leading me to ChristDela

I think this question is not mine. The reason is because I never saw or knew my dad growing up. It’s just me, my mum & little sister.
I never had that fatherly love, I never saw my dad but all the same the situation made me to work hard because  I am now my mum’s husband and my Sister’s dad.
Its been hard all these years but I bless God.
I learnt a lot just being with my mum alone and the hustle she went through just to take care of me and I never want the same thing to happen to my child / children.-Emeka Okpara


What do you want for Father’s day?

I ask for wisdom and all necessary resources in this world to make life comfortable for my family. – Dela

My kids are all grown & married now so I would love it if they visited me this Father’s day. Of course I would love a gift, it doesn’t need to be expensive. I also want them to wish me happy father’s day. –Theo Graham

The thing I would  like for father’s day is to spend the day with my daughter because she doesn’t live with me here in Ghana but with her mum in the Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire. –Désiré Siehou

All I want is a phone call saying I love you dad.-John Bido 
For Father’s day, a big hug with love you daddy will make my day and a thank you from the mothers will also be appreciated. 😀-Richard Addison 

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