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Original Post By :GIFTY AMOATEN

I use to think I couldnt be who I am… for I was a loner. No friends to talk to and sickly…for each day I thought I would die….

My dreams were hopes and my vision was nothing to think of ever happening…..for living with a family that has

nothing to boast of and being sick all the time. I gave up the thoughts of ever realizing my capabilities……

Then came a time when we moved to a different place….had to be in boarding school for my high school year….

It was there I met all manner of people from different tribes….to be my mates. They showed me much love and …That got my spirit up…. I was ready to face life with my education and put my natural gifted talents to use….

Getting closer to people.. and gradually fighting my illnesses till I got well. Currently  I am a writer a teacher .and.a designer….and am aspiring to do more…and make my dreams and visions come true….I AM

Original Post By :GIFTY AMOATENG   from facebook

I am geek, who is in love with music but enjoys the thrill of being an entrepreneur