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Kyere Kwaku Awiti is a talented young fashion illustrator, who does anything he loves with passion. He creates inspiring garment through illustration. He’s an alumni from KNUST and likes making new friends. He also likes to help people if he can. He has dreams of working with Dior and other big companies.

Tell us about your business.

Metakay is a freelance firm which deals solely with fashion illustrations. We create collections from inspiration through to sketches. We also sketch already produced garments by designers. In addition, we assist students with their fashion illustration works.

What motivated you or inspired you to start your own business?

My love for illustration started as a hobby at a very young age. When I grew up, it became a passion which later turned into an obsession. It got to a time I started receiving emails and messages from people who were requesting for designs. The requests increased and I was like wow I can make some money out of this. I did a little research as to how such works are being priced and it started from there.

Are you currently running any promos / contests/ giveaways that you would like your readers to know about?

Not yet. We’re still planning a giveaway for students.

List awards/certifications/ accomplishments.

I’m rated among the top ten Fáshion illustrators in Ghana, I’ve been featured in some blogs, I’ve also been featured in WORDS MAGAZINE issue 5 and I was featured in a book titled “FASHION ILLUSTRATION AFRICA. Anew Generation, written by Tapiwa Matsinde.

Where is your business based?

It’s based in Adenta.

What are the few steps you took to get your business up and running?

The first major steps I took was to set my focus, get the necessary resources I needed ie. finances, tools and materials for illustration. There are no specific tools or materials required for fashion illustration.

Then I turn my social media pages into my business pages as I had enough followers by then.

What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

By being consistent on social media, going for some fashion events and working hand in hand with clients to give them a satisfied work thus recommending me to other people.

What have been your biggest challenge so far?

The illustration in Gh is now gaining grounds. It has to do with sketching already sewn designs by designers or creating a whole new collection for a designer.

My biggest challenge was making people appreciate the kind of art I do, as it was a bit different from the usual art people know which was landscape drawing, portraits, sculpture etc. and also making them pay.

How did you overcome those challenges?

Well, I wouldn’t say I have overcome it fully because it takes time for people to understand and appreciate fashion illustration in Ghana. At least I’ve been able to make students and some designers appreciate it thus they are also spreading the news.

How do you keep motivated during difficult times?

The passion and love for what I do keeps me motivated. When you do something with love, you’re not bothered about the circumstances or situations occurring around you. We’re humans, Yes! You’ll break down once a while. The time you take to bounce back determines how passionate you’re about it.

How do you distinguish yourself from other competitors?

When it comes to art, the brush strokes of two artists are not the same. My attention to details and how I go about execution of my sketches is what makes me different from my competitors.

What is the best advise you have received recently?

That would be “overthinking kills your dreams and joy.”

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

You should never give up, talk to people when deem fit to help you. You  should be emotionally matured and most importantly pray.

What are your favorite business tools/resources and why?

Social media is my favorite business tool. Technology has evolved so much that the Internet has become a channel to reach parts of the world at the comfort of your home. Most of my staunch clients I met through social media.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Actually I’m still reading. The book is titled “CASHFLOW” by Kiyosaki.

What are you currently learning about for your business or looking for help with?

Currently, I’ve learnt that illustration is a broad course and fashion illustration is just a portion of it. I’m looking for help to invest in me thus turning my business into a big one.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

I’m planning on coming up with a number of exhibitions and fashion presentations both solo and collaborations with other artists. I’m also looking to make my business an international one.

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