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Why we started Urban Dollz Xposed.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey a year ago to build Urban Dollz, I had soo many questions on my mind I didn’t have the answers to.

My father was a civil engineer turned business man. I watched him start a sachet water company (Alba Water) which grew to become one of the best sachet water companies in Ghana,  often ranked with Standard Water & Mobile water but that wasn’t enough.

My father’s story inspired me to be even greater than he was & to continue his legacy. But how do I build a business? Where do I start? Do I need capital? How do I scale? These and more where many questions I had in mind and I needed answers to.

In my quest to find the answer to my questions, I created “Urban Dollz Xposed”.  An insightful blog series that focuses on entrepreneurship by interviewing successful entrepreneurs who are building & have built great brands in Ghana & beyond.

A few of the questions I posed to them includes; how they started their business,  how they address day to day challenges and much more. In the process learning from people who have walked in the path I am walking on and I am glad I can share this experience with you.

Our mission is to empower Africa’s New Generation by.

  • Celebrating entrepreneurs in Ghana & in Africa
  • Promoting made in Ghana/Africa brands and products.

Our first interviewee…😁

What to share your story and inspire others?

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