Find The Confidence To Be You

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Taken at the Chalewote Festival 2016

Photo by : Paa Yaw

Find The Confidence To Be You

Sometimes it is difficult accepting who you are,

Because you are scared and not so confident in yourself.

I used to live that way;

In fear of rejection,

Of not finding my true love,

In fear of getting hurt

And I could go on and on and on.

But, to what end?


My inability to forgive and my stubbornness let go of the past

held me captive to my mind.

It blinded me with rage and fed me with revenge for the things I had lost

and I have lost…

Lost so many things I can’t get back.

but with time, I grew to realize, this is not the burden of a Nubian queen,

one created in perfection as God showed off His artistic tendencies.

No, I am no slave of pain

So I look deep down inside and began to fall in love with me.


My imperfections  and fears I embrace

Living  each day as if its were my last.

In His image and likeness He created and molded me.

Oh… What joy and peace I have found.

Deep within, Deep within me.

Please understand that when we hurt each other we hurt ourselves

and when we hurt ourselves we hurt each other.

Yes, times are tough and the world is insane,

But it is for this the balance is kept.

Be confident to be who you are…

This life is all I got,all the time I have to be.


I guess all  I needed was to love myself

To be confident in me

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