Deep Conditioning Once a Week Keeps Baldness Away

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Moisturizing dry hair with deep conditioning


It’s important to give your hair an occasional deep conditioning treatment to help support health, hydration, strength and overall appearance.

There are many benefits of a deep conditioning treatment for your natural hair and it should be a part of your regular hair care routine. trust me if you have dry hair then deep conditioning should be your best friend.

Deep conditioners are made of ingredients with a small molecular size so that they can pass easily into the hair shaft to the core. They aren’t surface acting, meaning that is get to the roots…

First things first…

It is the act of utilizing a concentrated, heavier conditioner with absorbing (taking in) and adsorbing (sticking to) properties on the hair for a designated length of time — usually 15-30 minutes. Deep conditioning can be done with or without heat. In short it is basically is the process of putting back moisture in the hair by using a heavier  concentrated conditioner.

Deep conditioners are created from chemical mixtures of concentrated protein and heavy cream base of a moisturizers. According to

If your conditioner is an instant conditioner, you’ll know because the directions will tell you to leave it on for like 5 mins and rinse. No matter how long you leave this conditioner in, or what you add to it, it will never be a deep conditioner. It’ll just sit there on the hair’s cuticle not really going anywhere– and you’ll just rinse it back down the drain! They are surface acting and are mainly for smoothing and maintenance.

So, just who needs a deep conditioning treatment?

The answer is easy…just about any woman who braids, twists, uses heat, styling products, applies chemical treatments or uses sulfate-based shampoos, so basically, almost everyone!  And with our weather you seriously need to deep condition it’s not an option. If you have been thinking about using a deep conditioner, but haven’t done it yet, here are a few key benefits of a deep conditioning treatment to help you take the plunge.

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