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social-media-covers-life-is-beautifulBuilding a  regimen is not challenging, all you need are the basics…

When I started my natural hair journey I did not know what to do or how to properly take care of my napps. My major problem was how hard and dry my hair gets when especially it gains length and how I would have to endure painful combining session.

Come to think of it, that mentality prevented me from exploring my hair due the fear of pain and dry hair! Over the time I came to understand that there is no one way for taking care of your hair. With a series of experiment I made with natural oils and organic hair products, I slowly found out what works best for me and what makes my hair grow.

I go through my weekly routine over the weekend, when I have Me time…This little ritual of mine helps me relax and while away time possitivly. I use to think it was a waste of time to spend hours detagling , washing and conditioning my hair. Now I realsie how lebarting it feels to take time to care and groom yourself. So I put on a serise of movies because I know this is going to take a while and starts detangling my hair.


Always finger dangle dump hair...because it is far easier to detangle hair when it is little damp rather than when it is very dry...

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One thing I don’t like doing in this “hair process” is detangling . Because  my hair is thick and hard (at least it used to be, before my enlightenment..)I don’t like to touch it too much,or it else it will lead to break breakages and plus I don’t want  to end up with a hurting scalp.


Below are some tips to aid you with your detangling process …..

  1. Divide your hair into small-to-medium sections.

Using hair clips, section your hair into manageable pieces. By doing this makes it a lot easier to identify knots and work through them carefully. After each section is tangle-free, smooth a bit of hair oil onto the ends with your fingers to moisturise and protect against future knots.

  1. Work from the bottom up.

Detangling from the ends to the roots is the most manageable method. Think about it – if you try to start from the roots you will have to work through an entire tangle to get to the ends, whereas if you start from the ends and work your way up you can clear out one small piece of the tangle at a time.

  1. Hold your hair right above the tangle while combing.

Once you have a tangled piece of hair sectioned out, hold that section firmly with your fingers above the tangle that you are working on. If you have a strong grip above the tangle, you will stop the ‘pull’ of your comb from pulling on your scalp. This way, you protect yourself from feeling any pain and from accidentally pulling out any hair. This technique will also allow you to have a much more controlled handle over the tangle. Or If you are like me and dont like using combs.

Short hair De-tangles very quickly and easily as compared to long hair. With longer hair you need  to take your time, shuuu… which requires some real patience…. You would need to allocate at least an hour or  2 hours just to De-tangling properly.  I reckon you don’t want to end up with knots and balls of hair in your hand when you done styling your hair…

I don’t need to worry about my hair not drying…. Am in Africa! lol


My weekly routine starts often starts with me pre conditioning my hair with a Hot Oil

Treatment the night before I wash my hair. This keeps my hair extra moisturizes and protected from the sun and harsh temperatures.

Washing your hair with warm water helps to dislodge dirt and oil.

I shampoo my hair once a weak, cos my hair is short and I make time. Plus I have seen that my hair is more moisturized and healthy with fewer breakages when I do my weekly hair routine.

I use Alata Samina to wash my hair. It is a great organic soap that will leave your hair soft….. I just Love it……..

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The dope effect with Alata Samina is that, as it foams it detangles  ans stretches your hair in the process. This is a phenomenon I have observed any time I use Alata Samina to wash my hair…

And I Just love it…

I gently pull my hair by combing it with my fingers whiles washing my hair. This is also a great way to De-tangle your hair and braid them into portions.

*Deep Conditioning Your hair is Important!


For deep conditioning I use my special egg mix. Mainly because it is a healthy choice is it cost less than 5gh to make. But you can use any deep conditioner of your choice.

I recently found some great deep conditioners that will make your hair go crazy with moisture. Read More…..

Most of the ingredients use can be found in our kitchens already, If you don’t have them they you would need to buy. Read More

After applying the deep conditioner generously  in my hair I cover my hair with a plastic bag or a heat cap. I don’t own a snazzy dryer yet ,so I scarf my hair or wrap a towel around my head. This traps more heat in my hair. I leave it for a couple ours… between 2 – 4 hours.

As a said early , you need to know your hair, to know how long you want to keep the conditioner in.

Remember keeping conditioner in for too long can cause breakages due to excessive moisture

DIY & Do It Right— How to deep Condition your hair (Video)


Rains It  all out!

I like to do this when am bathing, I use cool water not warm water you don’t want strip the proteins you just added to your hair.

It is important Finish every wash off with a cold rinse

Washing your hair with warm water helps to dislodge dirt and oil.Warm water also increases the hair’s porosity i.e. the cuticles open up so that all the good stuff from your shampoo and conditioner is easily absorbed.

Rinsing your hair in cold water at the end of the washing process will help to flatten the cuticle and lock-in moisture.

I also do this when I wash my face. It helped to clear up my acne.

So, wash with warm water and rinse your final conditioner off with cold water (not freezing cold water, just very cool)

Protective and or Low Manipulation Styles

Moisturize and plait or twist each section.


  1. Take one braid at a time and apply moisturizer of your choice.
  2. I use a  Flaxx seed and shea butter  gel I made myself( click here to view video) to moisturize my hair
  3. Then I re-twist it

There you have have your Universal steps. Thank you for reading my post. I would love to hear from you.. so please leave your comments and share your thoughts…..

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