Building a Hair Regimen: What you need to know

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Knowing yourself as a person and understanding your body: and what it likes and don’t like, is very crucial in building a hair regimen.

By nature we are all unique, by our way of life, thoughts, looks and biological make up. So why would think that building a hair regimen be any different? Building a hair regimen has  a lot to do with what you do everyday to your hair and what you do weekly to your hair.

Having a daily and weekly routine  is  essential to the  maintenance your natural hair as well as ensuring that it  is properly moisturized. This will enhance growth and prevent any breakages. Trust me I had to learn it the hard way… I thought I could just do anything to my hair and expect it to grow as long as Rapunzel’s hair…. Nope nature is not forgiving at all… My hair began to break excessively, and growth? My hair just stopped growing… So I had to face reality, my sister, you cant grow what you did not sow….  So I began to treat my hair nicely and in turn it rewarded me with beautiful hair.

Building a regimen for my own hair has been tricky, my hair is very dry and the constant hot weather doesn’t help either. So I had to experiment with a bunch of oils,conditioners and herbal blends before I was able to find what really works for me and most importantly, I was consistent with my efforts. Some of my techniques you will find very Avant-Gourd. But my hay has worked for me soo far.

The objective of a hair regimen is to maintain a healthy,I strongly suggest you do experiment and explore, to find the perfect way that works with your hair, at least that what I did. And it is amazing the things you would discover about yourself during this process. It is very enlightening.

In my next article “Creating a weekly hair regimen in 5 easy step”,I would be sharing some guidelines: I like to call them “universal steps   or hair tips that you can follow, just to see how the process is done the right way. Now you can tweak the processes you have learnt and customize it to your hair’s needs.

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