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Urban Dollz is a women’s lifestyle blog whose mission is to inspire, motivate and inculcate positive change into the minds and hearts of women around the globe, especially in Ghana.

We examine various topics on women’s lifestyle, from the 21st century woman such as well-being, beauty and fashion, to social and economic issues, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, sex and parenting.

We also serve as a promotional platform for entrepreneurs and made in Ghana products on our social media platform.




It is time for us to unite stand tall and leaving our diffrences behind and embracing sisterhood. So we encourage our readers to share their experiences and thoughts on our forum and comment sections.  It is from these experiences we can learn and become better people for society and ourselves.It’s already tough enough being a female in a male dominated world but even tougher when your own “kind” is not united.

Feel free to explore and express yourself. It’s a woman’s world. You are a Queen and the world is ours to rule. Lets take control!

Urban Dollz: Changing the World One Woman At A Time

Change begins with us; It begins with you and me! -Eva Maria